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    So you've looked all over the web to find mermaid tails for sale in Australia, purchased a beautiful mono-fin and swimwear set, and now you’d like to know how to look after it. Well mermaids are special, and so is your new mermaid tail (or merman tail, as it might be!). As with all special things, we should take extra care to ensure they stay in the best condition, so we can enjoy them for much longer!

    Mermaid Swimwear
    To ensure your MerLegs and Mermaid Bikini stay in tip top shape, we recommend you avoid shuffling, scooting, or brushing up along any rough surfaces such as bricks, rocks or concrete. This will wear the fabric and cause it to deteriorate. You should also try to avoid leaving your swimwear out in harsh sunlight for too long to dry, as the vibrant colour might fade. 

    Keep these tips in mind and your MerLegs will look spectacular even longer!

    Mermaid MerFins
    The do’s & dont's of taking care of your new MerFins!

    • Please don't leave your fins in cars on hot days. The extreme Australian heat could cause the tail to warp. Besides, mermaids can't even drive!
    • Avoid hot temperatures, hot surfaces and leaving your fins out in the hot sun for extended periods of time. We have a pretty high UV rating in Australia; your fin could fade or warp. Mermaids belong in the water - take your fins for a cool dip!
    • Wearing fin socks or booties with your mermaid fin may assist with extra comfort and ease of use. These can be found at most surf stores.
    • When you’re finished mermaiding, please rinse your MerFins thoroughly with fresh water and towel dry before putting them away.
    • When storing your mermaid fins, put them in a cool, dry and protected place.
    • Please don't store your fins by standing them up on the tips of the blades as it could cause the fins to curl. Either lay your mermaid fins flat or hang them by BOTH ankle straps.
    • Please avoid any contact with alcohol, oil, gasoline, aerosols or chemical solvents and do not use any type of alcohol, solvent or petroleum based substances to clean or lubricate your MerFin. Mermaids simply prefer fresh or ocean water.
    • DO enjoy your new MerFin! Happy mermaiding!

    Mahina Mermaid MerFins are made from recycled materials and organic pigment dyes. They are non-toxic and are safe for contact with your children.

    And that’s it! Common sense really isn’t it? Following these simple instructions will ensure that your mermaid tails (or merman tails!) will serve you for plenty of fun in the sun for years to come!