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    If you've found yourself here, you're probably looking to buy Mermaid Tails to swim in for yourself or your child. Well look no further! MermaidTails.com.au sells the best safe and eco-friendly mono-fins you'll find anywhere in Australia. We have both kids and adult sizes, so you can create your own little family of mermaids!

    There are so many reasons to love Mermaid Tails. Firstly, they have the power to make you feel like you're in another world. The experience of swimming in a mermaid tail energises the mind and the soul and sets your imagination alight. You'll forget your day to day worries and take on a new etheric ocean body. “Mermaiding”, as it’s now known, is a past time that’s growing in popularity around the world. From young children to the elderly (who let’s face it, are young at heart), everyone is getting involved with mermaiding clubs and swim schools popping everywhere, and aspiring mermaids found lounging on most every beach.

    Secondly, they encourage exercise and outdoor activity. If your child is spending too much time with their nose in an iPad, a Mermaid Fin might be an excellent way for you to instigate some fun in the sun. Mono-fins are also often used as an aid to help young swimmers learn to do a proper dolphin kick, and are used by professional swimmers and divers as an important training tool. So our mermaid tails are not only an exciting pool toy, they can also be used for aquatic fitness and technique.

    If you or your child already loves the ocean and mermaids, you need no convincing. But we're sure you'll love splashing around by the pool and laying in the sun with these wonderfully crafted Mermaid Fins by Mahina. These mermaid flippers make the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love!

    These mermaid tails are made from recycled eco-rubber, so not only are they strong, hardwearing and beautiful, you can also rest easy knowing that they are environmentally friendly and are designed and manufactured with sustainability at heart.

    We started Mermaid Tails Australia as a husband and wife team in the hope of becoming the number one stop for those looking to buy a mermaid tail. We’re happy to help you with any questions you might have regarding sizing and shipping, and encourage you to drop us an email if you require any assistance. We do our utmost to put our customers first, and will always do our best to bend over backwards to ensure you have the perfect tail in time for the perfect occasion.

    We hope you find something you love and as always, happy mermaiding!