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    Mermaid Tail Sets

    Mermaid Tail Sets

    We think these mermaid sets are both beautiful and practical. You get all the benefits of looking and feeling like a real mermaid, but also have the freedom to kick off your fins and run around the pool, or to the ice cream truck you can hear coming down the street!

    The Lil' MerFin set is designed for younger swimmers aged 6 - 12 who may not yet be confident swimming in a monofin. The one size fits all strap allows for quick removal of the fin, and is a great training product before working your way up to the Classic MerFin.

    The Classic MerFin is a high performance fin that would allow you to swim laps all day long. It is made from a soft, eco-friendly recycled rubber and will have you powering through the water at speed.

    Both the Lil' MerFin and the Classic MerFin sets include a bikini and leggings that feature a wonderful mermaid scale design to complete the mermaid transformation. So what are you waiting for? Get mermaiding!